Foundation programming Free Pascal & Lazarus Foundation
Foundation memorandum
ref: iz/bs/2014.003006.01

Today, friday january ninth, two thousand fifteen, appeared before me, Ivo Thijs van der Zijl, candidate solicitor, acting replacement of Ellen Van Leusden, solicitor in Utrecht:
Detlef Dietrich Overbeek; Born in Wuppertal (Germany) on april eighteen, nineteen hundred forty seven; he is married; he lives at the address: Edelstenenbaan 21, 3402 XA in Ijsselstein; his proof of identity is a passport bearing the number NU2K3H5R5
The person thus appeared declares through this memorandum the establishment of a foundation, which will have the following bylaws.
name, place of establishment, duration
1.1. The name of the foundation is: Stichting Programming Free Pascal & Lazarus Foundation
1.2. The foundation is established in the locality of Ijsselstein.
1.3. The foundation is established for an indeterminate period.
2.1 The objectives of the foundation are:
Support of the open source software called Free Pascal and Lazarus;
everything connected to this software in the broadest sense; is part of it and/or can be beneficial.
2.2. The foundation attempts to reach these objectives, among other things, by raising and making available funds, assigning development tasks and teaching courses.
2.3. The foundation does not attempt to make a profit.
The board and its structure
3.1. The board manages the foundation, determines its policy and bears the final responsibility for realization of the foundation's objectives.
3.2. The board of the foundation is composed of a number of members determined by the board itself; the number of members of the board shall at least be three.
3.3. Even if the number of members of the board is less than three, the board remains qualified; but it must fill the vacancies as soon as possible.
3.4. The board itself appoints its new members.
3.5. The members of the board appoint from their midst a president, a secretary and a treasurer; The office of president is not compatible with the office of secretary or treasurer.
3.6. The board should be composed in such a way that any effective relationship between members of the board is a minority at all times. An effective relationship shall mean

After signature
Given to public records
Utrecht january 9, 2015
by I.T. van der Zijl, candidate-solicitor
acting replacement of Ellen van Leusden,
Solicitor in Utrecht