Realized Projects and their cost:

The following projects have been developed and have already been paid.

The foundation will publish the accountancy report at the end of the first three months of 2019 or earlier if possible.
(Period up to end of 2018). Pending this report, here is a complete overview of what has been realized up to the end of 2018.

If you need specific information please contact Detlef Overbeek: by email: editor @

Pascal to Javascript Compiler: command line front end, unit and include search paths, defines, undefines, verbosity flags, recursive unit compilation, variables, procedures, Functions.
Cost: € 2000,--

Pascal to JavaScript Compiler: records, classes, overloads, class-of, with-do, asm-begin, enums, sets, pass by reference, procedure types, dynamic arrays, try..except
Cost: € 2000,--

Extended pas2js with RTTI and Namespaces
Cost: € 3000,--

Implementation of interfaces in the pas2js transpiler.
Cost: € 2000,--

Extended pas2js with modeswitch ignoreinterfaces to ignore class interface declarations and typecast enum to integer type. Add modeswitch ignoreattributes
Cost: € 250,--

Implement NodeJS filesystem API nodejsfs. Porting pas2js to NodeJS. Self compiling pas2js.
Cost: € 1000,--

Implement Anonymous Functions in pas2js.
Cost: € 2000,--

Total amount paid on projects: € 12.250