Realized Projects and their cost:

The following projects have been developed and have already been paid.

The foundation will publish the accountancy report during this month. The administration has been finalized,
The account needs to create the definit report and it will be published at our chamber of commerce in Utrecht.
(Period up to end of 2018 we will extend it with the latest numbers from this year).
Pending this report, here is a complete overview of what has been realized up to the beginning 2019.

First of all Mattias Gaertner has started on the implementation of GENERICS.
For this special project there was a payment from James Ralston of 2.500 euros.
The Lazarus Factory is paying an other 2.500.
For this project we will need 25.000 Euros, so still 20.000 to go.

Development for Free Pascal: we received 500,00 euros real cost will be around 2.000
Integrating of : anonymous methods, extended RTTI, Attributes.
Development of Web-assembly By Károly Balogh cost 5000 euros (needs funding)

Most people do not understand the segmentation:
There can be three different Goals:

  1. Development of FreePascal,
  2. Development of Lazarus, --> webassembly
  3. Development of Pas2js

If you need specific information please contact Detlef Overbeek: by email: editor @

Extended pas2js with modeswitch ignoreinterfaces to ignore class interface declarations and typecast enum to integer type. Add modeswitch ignoreattributes
Cost: € 250,--

Implement NodeJS filesystem API nodejsfs. Porting pas2js to NodeJS. Self compiling pas2js.
Cost: € 1000,--

Implement Anonymous Functions in pas2js.
Cost: € 2000,--

Mattias Gaertner
invoice BP 10
Implementation of class interfaces In the pas2js transpiler
24 April 2018 2,000.00 EUR Free Pascal & Lazarus Foundation

Mattias Gaertner
invoice BP 6 Extended pas2js with RTTI And Namespaces
26 May 2017 3,000.00 EUR Free Pascal & Lazarus Foundation

Mattias Gaertner
invoice BP 1 pas2js command line frontend Unit and include search paths Defines,
undefines, verbosity flags Recursive unit compilation, Variable procedures, functions
31 October 2016 2,000.00 EUR Lazarus Factory BV

Mattias Gaertner
invoice BP 4 Pas2js Compiler: records ,Classes, overloads, class of, with do,
Asm-begin enums, sets , pass by reference, procedure types, Dynamic arrays, try.. except
02 March 2017 € 2,000.00 Blaise Pascal Magazine

Mattias Gaertner Tectonix
invoice BP 1 Implemented class helper, Record helpers and type helpers in Pas2js
18 February 2019 2,000.00 EUR Lazarus Factory BV